Trying not to sound like a dick …

Well here’s the thing. I have the best intentions for this blog (or whatever you want to call it) but I’m genuinely struggling with something: trying not to sound like a preachy dickhead. I am well aware that most of the people who are reading this will be better than me in so many ways and I’m just a weird messed up ball of anxiety shouting at the internet who hasn’t even finished vet school yet. Of course, there is also my inner feminist (voiced by Deborah Frances-White) who is telling me that I’ve been conditioned to feel this way by the patriarchy and that I should ignore myself. Really, its getting terribly crowded inside my own head so I’ve decided to word vomit it here to see if any of you can make sense of it.

I have a million and twelve things I want to write about, and they’re largely things I think about in the shower (not like that, you perv). You know, those problems you try and fix or arguments from weeks before that you try and win (which is incredibly healthy, leave me alone). The big question I’m arguing with myself at the moment is: why should my opinion matter? I’ve been lucky thus far with everything that has just fallen into my lap social media wise but that doesn’t make me important. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big believer in making your own luck, and my parents will attest to the fact that I spend a decent amount of time liking photos of dogs on the internet, but I know a lot of people who deserve the level of attention I receive far more than I do. Of course, I’ve just read that sentence back and I think I sound like a knob. Perfect.

I’m trying my best and hoping that what I’m saying is in some way relatable to anyone who has had to ‘put themselves out there’, especially those of us who are more than comfortable to hide in the background like some kind of socially awkward vampire. You know, the ‘I didn’t even know she was in my year’ type people (Fun fact: someone wrote that quote about me in a year book at sixth form once). I suppose, if I’m trying to say anything at all, it is that I’m new to this writing lark and it’s moderately terrifying to think that anyone will be reading it at all, let along having an opinion on what I’m saying.

At any rate, I thought I’d include a picture of an Echidna because it’s possible to be a dick and still be interesting (look it up, I dare you).

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