I have no idea what I’m doing …

Everyone else has a website so it looks like I have one now too! Of course, the fact that I dropped IT in year 9 and that I’m more or less technically illiterate really just isn’t helping.

The plan is to take up blogging on a more regular basis and in future include some vetty type things (case studies etc) if/when they present themselves. I don’t promise to be particularly good at any of this, in fact if I’m honest I find this whole medium extremely cringey and am wondering whether in 10 years time I’ll look back on this and think I’ve made a complete tit of myself. I do, however, find it moderately enjoyable as long as I never read anything that I’ve written back again (which presents issues when you’re a tad on the dyslexic side).

I expect you all* to be waiting with bated breath for the commencement of my sardonic ramblings. Of course, I have to learn how to make a website first …

*I would assume all  consists of my mother and a couple of people who clicked on the link by accident.

2 thoughts on “I have no idea what I’m doing …

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your very funny (and very honest) blog posts & think what your doing is great!!
    I’m not a vet, or a vet nurse, I have pet sheep & have spent 20 years being a human nurse – when all I want is to be around animals…..doh!! 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Keep going & what’s important is your “doing” and I think that’s not easy in today’s current climate ….it’s brave!! Xx

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  2. Best of luck with your blog. I know all too well those feelings when you first begin posting. The biggest share I can offer for having more than just your mum and a couple of friends read your posts is to comment on other blogs. Being genuine draws people to your spot on the ‘Net. I’m still surprised when folks drop by. 😇


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